Without your support, I’ll win the Grammy – Portable to Davido


Without your support, I’ll win the Grammy – Portable to Davido

By: Adisa Deborah


The continuing social media rivalry between controversial singer Portable and Davido has heated up, with a slew of public claims and deeds.

The feud between the two artists began after the Zazu singer accused Davido of giving him bad advise over a recent dinner in the United States.


According to Portable, Davido, who is tied to Sony Music, warned him against joining the same label and instead he sign with Empire.


Portable took this as foul play, alleging that he, like Davido, wants to win a Grammy.

He expressed fear that joining Empire would not help him achieve his Grammy goals in the same way that Sony Music could.


The OBO crooner unfollowed Portable on Instagram on Thursday in response to his outspoken criticism.


Portable responded, stating that he does not require Davido’s support or followership to flourish as a musician or win a Grammy.


Portable said in a video message on his Instagram page, “They tried to destroy me and quickly unfollowed me because I stopped being beneficial to them.” Whether you help me or not, I will complete my tour; whether you follow me or not, I will win the Grammy.”


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