What is desire?


Desire is the rascality of the the uncontrolled soul overriding the pure intent of an otherwise perfect spirit.

Desire is the root of all human miseries, known and unknown. From the times past, some men desired a kingdom and titles and power, they acquire the consent of the nobles and soldiers by schemes, threats, blackmails and negotiations; and the end of this ploy; the end of their desire is a young lad and a young girl, impoverished and destitute because their parents can no longer afford their welfare for their lands has been taken by a rich noble with the seal of the king. At the end of this desire is a woman forced into promiscuity for her man has gone to fight for the king and has not returned, and men have been turned by wars into uncontrolled animals. At the end of this enquiry is the employ of sorcery and witchcraft to aid an end, it is a chain.
Again, in no too a distant past, some men desired luxury and cheap labour and fun. They set about on voyage, many months on seas and storms and harzards of whether; to acquire by brute force and deceptions, slaves from continents far from theirs. The end of this desire, is decades of rot, hate, malice, poverty and suffering, inequality, wars and disillusionment, it is a chain.
Desire is a dangerous force. A man desires quick wealth and a life of affluence, he employs unscrupulous means and lies in business and in politics, the end is the preponderance of all sorts of avoidable ills in the society; from sickness to robbery, etc. Etc.
The ills that have plagued humanity from the fall of man to this day is a chain of streaks of misdeeds tightly held together at both ends by desire.
But, the most important of all question is this: WHAT IS THE ROOT OF DESIRE? For this question and its subsequent answer is the root, the length and breath, the height and depth of all human enquiries: KNOWLEDGE. And there be two kinds of this: good and bad. When a society is rotten like it is today, to get the root course of the rot and subsequently, their suffering, the imperative question we must ask is this: What have they been taught?


Olutoki Feyishayo Funmi

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