Unrest in Lagos, Ogun and Ibadan as Hoodlums Attack Homes


Aiyekooto has gathered that the ongoing lockdown across South West Nigeria has resulted in domestic clashes between home owners and Hoodlums.

It is gathered that cases of domestic robbery has increased due to the inability of these hoodlums to make ends meet.

This has led the Hoodlums to attack homes in order to find money and food supplies.

Meanwhile, the home owners have hence resorted to self vigilantism in order to protect their lives and properties.

Speaking to a resident who resides in Mokola area, Ibadan, pleaded anonymity:

“We’re always awake from 10pm – 5am. Everyone takes a cutlass or broken bottle. This is how we have been protecting ourselves. This is how we have repelled attacks from Omo ita”.

In another correspondence with a resident in Ogun who also pleaded anonymity:

“It is getting really worrisome. I left Lagos because I thought it would get worse, not knowing Ogun stats would not be different. I call on state and federal securities to intervene earnestly”

Aiyekooto fears that these clashes will continue until a relief measure is Implemented accordingly.

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