To young people


1. In all you do, avoid giving the impression that you’re rich. The expectations from people will burden you and you might always live under the pressure of keeping up.
2. Whether virtual (whatsapp and others) or physical, avoid old school groups or groups of people with common background, especially when it entails regular meetings. Chances are that you’re far behind your peers or above them. Many do not know how to manage being behind or being ahead. If you’re behind, the envy for those ahead can mess up your mind. If you’re ahead, your actions will be judged through the lenses of pride by many. Leave the groups till you attain a more advanced age or subscribe to it and be a mere observer;
3. Avoid chieftaincy titles and positions that are not directly or remotely connected to your art or profession; (credit Odolaye Bàá Waki Aremu)
4. Have that one or two friends who have a grip on you. The ones who can tell you the bitter truth and call your bluff if you misbehave;
5. Open your mind and lead a fair life. There are chances that your breakthrough won’t come from family members or friends. Be kind to that stranger;
6. Your case might not be the best, but it is sure not the most unfortunate. Most people whose “success” gives you sleepless nights are not doing better than you in reality;
7. Avoid reckless statements about people or situations you know little to nothing about. It leads to lawsuits, physical fights or loss of reputation on your part. Lawsuits can wreck you.
8. Avoid Lagos. Avoid Lagos. Avoid Lagos;
9. Don’t be fond of parties and events. They expose you and your finance to scrutiny;
10. Regardless of how little your earning is, remember your parents or people who occupy that position in your life; and
11. Whatever life throws at you, never lose your sense of humour or reason to laugh.

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