Ondo state PDP warns Gov. Rotimi Akeredolu against selling forest reserve


The Ondo State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, on Thursday, called on Governor Rotimi Akeredolu not to sell a 50,000-hectare of forest reserve in Idanre, the Idanre Local Government Area of the state, to private companies.

A few days ago, some farmers in Idanre LGA protested in the streets over claims that the state administration had sold their cocoa, plantain, and palm tree farms in the forest reserve to Chinese investors.

The demonstrators said that while collecting annual levies from them and daily taxes on the farm products they produced, the state administration later planned to sell the farms situated in the forest reserve to foreign firms.

The opposition party warned the government to abandon the intention to sell the land for the benefit of the farmers who were cultivating on the land to make a living in a statement released by the state PDP’s director of media and publicity, Mr. Leye Igbabo.

Any attempt to sell the land, according to the PDP, would set off a local conflict.

According to the statement, “Everything in life is vanity upon vanity, so we are pleading with the operators of government in Ondo State, especially the governor and his immediate family, to control their appetite for property acquisition and cease from acquiring and converting government properties in their custody for their personal aggrandizement.

“We believe that the government’s most recent move has the potential to spark an avoidable crisis, which is being preceded by a peaceful protest organized by the Idanre people to warn the government against interfering with or stealing their sources of income in any way.

“The APC government should be aware that any attempt to take away a people’s means of subsistence will be resisted, especially since its government at all levels, including the one being run in Ondo State, has already inflicted more than enough varied hurts on the people.

“This most recent harm is one too many and amply exposes the APC-led government’s blatant insensitivity and irresponsiveness to the yearnings and well-being of the people it pretends to serve. This is not only cynical and ludicrous, but also hypocritical, and it may have a more devastating outcome than anyone could have ever predicted.

“We now ask the APC-led government to put a human face on administration and, for once, hold the people in high regard as deserving partners in governance and treat them with respect just as they continue to be the custodians of the mandate given in their hands,” the statement reads.



Vincent Paul

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