Nike release new World Cup advert labelled the ‘GOAT Experiment’ki


The 2022 World Cup official advertisement, which Nike released, has been hailed as one of the best videos ever produced.

The advertisement contrasts the elite talent that will be on display in Qatar with the legendary footballers that came before them.

In the “GOAT Experiment” advertisement, football players from the past and today are pitted against one another to see how they perform.

The commercial opens with two scientists debating whether Kylian Mbappe is superior to Ronaldinho, an icon of Brazil.

To find out who is a better footballer, one of the scientists advises teleporting Mbappe and Ronaldinho into the lab.

The concept inspires them both, and they begin working right away.

When everything is set, they start teleporting the two football players inside the lab. The first person to arrive was Ronaldinho, who had a huge smile on his face.

Mbappe, a PSG star and international for France, suddenly appears on the screen but appears rather baffled by the events.

But as soon as a football was thrown onto the field and Oingo Boingo’s 1985 hit song “Weird Science” started to play, they automatically began showboating.

The scientists decided to include more well-known names in the mix when they couldn’t believe what they saw. Ronaldo was the next to speak (no, not the one making news right now!).

To face Mbappe and Ronaldinho of today, Brazilian forward Ronaldo Nazario was shipped from Japan.

Soon after, Ronaldo Nazario’s second iteration with the 1998 superstar taking the mick out of future Ronaldo’s haircut.

A number of additional football legends joined the test game. The Netherlands was represented by players like Virgil van Dijk and Edgar Davids.

Prior to Cristiano Ronaldo’s appearance, Belgium had Kevin De Bruyne on the field. Before starting the game, the Portugal star was overheard shouting, “Come on boys.”

Alex Morgan performed her tea-sip celebration after scoring a goal against the men in the advertisement.

Sam Kerr, a legend of Chelsea, also appeared in the advertisement and displayed some deft footwork before shooting the ball at the target.

The sceniests were astounded by the star-studded line-up when the camera panned to them.

Ronaldo Nazario then appeared in the video in real life to inquire “what the heck” was going on as it came to a close.



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