NBC directs broadcasting stations to stop using Twitter


The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has directed broadcasting stations in the country to stop using Twitter, a microblogging platform


The directive is in a statement issued by Armstrong Idachaba, NBC acting director-general, on Monday.

The federal government announced the suspension of Twitter in Nigeria on Friday.

Twitter was suspended on Friday after the president Mohammadu Buhari’s Post was flagged inappropriate and thus subsequently deleted by the platform for violating rule 4 of the site.


However, Nigeria government has given directive that the platform should be suspended in Nigeria Internet space for disregarding her sovereignty and disrupting her democracy.


The directive became necessitated after this thus Idachaba said stations should uninstall the application “and desist from using Twitter as a source (UGC) of information gathering for News and programmes Presentation especially phone-in”.


“Section 2(1) r of the NBC Act entrusts the Commission with responsibility to ensure strict adherence to the national laws, rules and regulations,” the DG said.


“Section 3.11.2 of the Nigeria Broadcasting Code provides that ‘the broadcaster shall ensure that law enforcement is upheld at all times in a matter depicting that law and order are socially superior to or more desirable than Crime and Anarchy.’


“Attention is also drawn to section 5.6.3 of The Code which requires Broadcasters to be mindful of materials that may cause disaffection, incite to panic or rift in the society in the use of a user generated Content (UGC).


“Note that it will be unpatriotic for any broadcaster in Nigeria to continue to patronise the suspended Twitter as a source of its information therefore strict compliance is enjoined.”


Nigerians have been able to access Twitter through the use of a virtual private network (VPN) of which the ministry of justice had been ordered to brought violators to justice.


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