Music artist ‘Evih’ features ‘Davido’ in debut EP ‘Cruise’


Not many singers have the muscle or the talent to attract the attention of superstar singer, Davido but Evih, born Ambakederemo Evans Oghenekaro has done the unthinkable on his debut EP titled “Cruise”.

Evih, featured OBO on the remix of his 2019 song “Wonder” and the experience and the result, according to the singer, has been awesome.

The track, “Wonder” is number 3 on the EP track list.

“I dropped “Wonder” in 2019 and it was amazing and my label, Tycoon Entertainment thought that Davido would be amazing on the remix. So, we hit him up and he loved it and jumped on it and we made a classic. His verse was amazing and since the release of the song this morning (June 11, 2020) everyone has been on it and it’s trending right now. I’m excited and grateful,” he purred with delight in a recent interview.

“Davido is so talented. He listened to the song and knew the exact and perfect bounce and vibe. The delivery was top notch. I don’t need to say much just listen to the song make you see “Cruise”. Big shout out to OBO for coming through for me. Video coming soon. Watch out,” he added.

Since Evih signed a record deal with Tycoon Entertainment in 2017, things have never been the same for the singer.

He started music in 2015 and fooled around a little until things took flight under the wings of Tycoon Entertainment.

“I signed a record deal with Tycoon Entertainment in 2017 and since then everything has been amazing and beautiful. I never had a better year than last year. I recorded my first ever single “For You” in 2015 . I dropped a couple of mixtape in 2017 before signing with Tycoon Entertainment.

I have already shot two videos under the label and this is my first project the “Cruise” EP,” he revealed gleefully in a recent interview.

He said while many artistes may get played by their label, Tycoon Entertainment has been like a family to him.

“They are willing to push and see my growth and when the cake is sliced everyone gets bread. God bless Tycoon Entertainment. Shout out to everyone,” he added.

Evih is full of confidence for the success of the EP and how the world would receive it. He said he seeks to achieve nothing but happiness with “Cruise” EP.

“Cruise was made to bring happiness and joy to people’s heart, loved ones and family during and after lockdown. You know when you are in a boat or ship at the ocean and you on cruise. The best feeling is when holding the edge of the ship and looking into the sea and the beauty of nature with the soothing breeze blowing your hair backwards.

The way you feel is the dream I have for The EP “Cruise” when people listen to it. I hope they feel like that.

My EP is all about “Cruise. Happiness is a choice. Choose it,” he said of the EP.

Evih, born Ambakederemo Evans Oghenekaro hails from Burundi local government area of Delta State. He is a Bsc degree holder in Business Administration from the University of Benin (UNIBEN).

The first song on the track list is “Lovestream”. The second is titled “Down” while the third is “Wonder” remix featuring Davido. The fourth, fifth and the sixth are “Belle Dancer”, “Paindem” and “Articicial”. “Lovestream”, “Wonder” remix , “Belle Dancer” and “Artificial” are produced by Grace Fingers. “Down” was produced by Hits and “Wonder” remix by Killervybez. For the mixing and mastering, “Lovestream”, “Belle Dancer”, “Paindem” and “Artificial” was done by STG. “Down” was mixed and mastered by Dockside Theatre while “Wonder” remix was done by the duo of Docside Theatre and STG. All the songs are written by Evih himself.

Reported by: Vincent Paul

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