Mordi refutes being COVID-19 positive


Mr Michael Mordi, the Chief Nursing Officer of Central Hospital, Agbor, Delta State, reported to have been forcefully removed from the Federal Medical Centre, FMC, Asaba on Monday evening by seven of his relatives has spoken, saying he was not suffering from COVID-19.

The 53 years old Mordi who responded via his mobile telephone line, refuted his forceful removal from the treatment centre as being speculated by the State Ministry of Health.

Mr Mordi further insisted that he was not a COVID-19 patient, also lamented that his forceful isolation from his family and stay in FMC for days was not because he was sick.
He ascertained that he was hale and hearty when he was picked to the FMC treatment centre in Asaba on 24th May, adding that he was not exhibiting any symptom of COVID-19 or symptom any ailment for that matter.

He lamented he was being given 10 different drugs including antibiotics twice daily (morning and evening), decrying that “those drugs were capable of destroying my system.
In his words, he said, “I thank God that I am still alive even with those drugs they administered on me twice daily. They conducted so many tests on me including X-ray nothing was found.”

Clarifying the allegation that he was not cooperating with caregivers at the treatment centre, he said it not true, saying he was taking he medications even though he knew he was not sick.

He said he requested for a re-run test at his expense but was refused, adding that he has also been denied access to his previous test result, rather “they asked me to pack my luggage and leave the centre after staying there from 24th May to 1st June”.

Reported by: Fatimah Oyesanmi

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