Jamila Drops New Single, ‘Black And Blue’


kickstarting her music career at the age of 17 in Abuja, US-based Nigerian singer and songwriter, Jamila has refined her craft and is ready to introduce herself to a global audience with her
latest single, Black and Blue.

Blessed with a soothing, evocative voice, Jamila confidently addresses the human experience in her sound, from romance to personal identity. And these largely reflected in her 2018 debut single, Kai Ne Nawa, and also her sophomore, Black and Blue.

According to Jamila, who has a Master’s degree in International Business, growing up she always listened to the music of great artists like Sade, Miriam Makeba and Mary J. Blige.

“One day, I discovered my parents’ collection of Lauryn Hill and Whitney Houston’s CDs.

After listening to those albums, I knew I wanted to be a musician.

So, I started writing songs at a very early age, and that developed my passion for music,” she recalled.

Shedding more lights on her new work, the young but talented musician said it’s a song she wrote about a failing relationship.

Hear her: “Black and Blue is a song I wrote about a failing relationship. I have been in a few (relationships) and I know someone really close to me that is going through something similar. I decided to write the song to talk about it from both our perspectives.”

Produced by San Francisco-based Rob Wright, a producer who has worked with major artists like Roots and Eryka Badu, Black and Blue have already hit the market on Makeda Music label in collaboration
with Black Wall Street.

Having released her latest work, Black and Blue, Jamila’s main challenge now is to secure a good team to work with. “For now, my main challenge is finding a great team to help me manage the business side of music,” she noted.

Reported by: Vincent Paul

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