International Collision as Nigerian Lawyers sue China for $200bn


An eloquence of Nigerian Lawyers has filed a lawsuit against the People’s Republic of China over the COVID-19 damages, seeking $200bn.

Following the Missouri state of the United States of America, which sued China as being responsible for ‘deceit, Concealment ,silencing whistleblowers and hoarding of masks and other personal protective equipment . The Nigerian lawyers demands $200bn over loss of lives, economic suppression, trauma, hardship, social disorientation, mental torture and disruption of normal daily life activities of Nigerians.

The lead counsel, Prof. Epiphany Azinge (SAN) a former Director-General of the Nigeria Institute of Legal Studies (NIALS) and a current member of the Commonwealth Arbitral Tribunal London, representing Nigeria and Africa said pleadings have been decided for the class of action against the Chinese Government.

He also revealed that a two-phase line of action has been concluded upon :- First is with the federal high court of Nigeria and secondly to persuade the Federal Republic of Nigeria government to institute a state action against the Peoples Republic of China at the International Court of Justice at the Hague.

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