Good citizens create good governance


The “Change Begins with Me” campaign unveiled by The National Orientation Agency in 2016 was a commendable effort towards re-orienting Nigerians that true change begins with oneself.

The realization that every Nigerian is saddled with the responsibility of making Nigeria great is the first step to creating good governance.

While the people must have elected representatives to steer the affairs of the country, I can confidently state that I have been able to protect the interests of my people at the national level.

However, our people have their parts to play in the achievement of this paradigm shift. I hear and read a lot of people blame the government for every predicament that Nigeria is facing but let’s ask ourselves, how well have we been good citizens?

How much of a good citizen have you been? How well have you obeyed the laws and regulations that are being put in place? When for a fact, we are all drivers of change.

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It will be irresponsible of me to overlook the efforts of some Nigerians in making the country great again, I will implore these true citizens not to relent in the good they do. This country is ours and together we will improve the living condition of our people.

We cannot continue to leave the affairs of over 200 million people in the hands of a few while neglecting our duties as citizens. I have a duty as a citizen of this country, likewise, as a lawmaker, and to the best of my capability, I am not lagging in any.

Living an exemplary life for the emulation of all Nigerians has been my focus since I was elected to represent my people. And at the end, good governance rests on the shoulders of every Nigerian.

Change Begins With You and Me.



Hon. Shina Peller
Member, House of Representatives,
Iseyin/Itesiwaju/Kajola/Iwajowa federal constituency, Oyo State


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