Akwa Ibom records 100% recovery in coronavirus cases


Akwa Ibom state governor, Mr Udom Emmanuel said the state has recorded 100 percent recovery of patients who tested positive to coronavirus.

The Governor spoke in radio and TV interview broadcast throughout the state on Saturday in Uyo said the state incident management committee on COVID-19 has
performed excellently in managing all the cases.

He stated the two patients who died of the virus, were brought in unconscious and they passed on even before their test proved they were positive.

“Since we set up the incident management team, we have recorded 100 per cent recovery in all cases that were confirmed positive.

“For the two patients that died, they were that were brought to us totally unconscious.

In our case management file, we have a 100 percent recovery.”

The governor said the 300-bed isolation centre under construction in-state will be completed within the next week, saying that more ventilators will be brought in, in addition to the 13 ventilators the state has already.

“We will complete our 300-bed isolation centre next week.

But before then, medical experts will inspect the facility to check the case area to ensure that it is in compliance with the W.H.O standard.

In the centre, each bed will have its own oxygen tank. Also, we are bringing in a lot more ventilators. We have 13 ventilators.”

While warning against the use of traditional medicine for the treatment of COVID-19, Gov. Emmanuel urged residents of the state to observe all prescribed hygiene protocols and emphasised that anyone caught outside without a face mask will be arrested.

“Please don’t go on traditional medication because of the dosage.

Don’t also go on self-medication. We have enough facilities to manage these cases for now. Please obey all the rules. If we find you outside without a face mask, you will be arrested”.

He maintained that ban on social gatherings including burials, weddings and church programmes was still in force, saying that anyone caught trying to host a burial or any other ceremony will be arrested.

Governor Emmanuel said his administration is working assiduously to expand the state’s health care facilities with state – of -the -art equipment and improve her emergency response services.

He said by the end of the year 2021, all the ten federal constituencies in the state will have a fully digitised secondary health care facility, announced that contract for the reconstruction and furnishing of the tenth general hospital will be awarded in the last quarter of 2020.

“In the next year, citizens will not need to drive up to one hour before they get excellent medical services. We have imported six container load of medical equipment. I have been told they will soon arrive Onne.”

“There is no federal constituency in this state that we have not put an excellent medical facility. The only one we have not awarded is in Ikot Abasi federal constituency.

By the end of this year, there will be no federal constituency that will not have a modern digitized, health care hospital.”

“We are setting up more ambulance services so that wherever an incident occurs you can call our emergency line and there will be an ambulance to take you to a health facility.

We have already started emergency training.”

He said the state has improved security surveillance at her land borders to monitor movement and activities.

“We have installed 3G cameras at our road borders, especially the busy ones like Itu, Ikot Abasi borders. We monitor every movement at our situation rooms, the governor added.

He also opened up on why the government has not allowed the reopening of churches even after easing lockdown.

He responded to calls by citizens and religious organizations, demanding the reopening of places of worship, during a live interactive session with citizens via radio, Saturday evening.

According to the governor, the administration is taking every responsible step to prevent the spread of covid-19 in Akwa Ibom state.

As such, even though allowing churches to re-open would have been a very popular decision, the overwhelming need to keep citizens healthy and safe informed the continuous closure of churches.

“Easing down for the reopening of churches isn’t the problem, the challenge remains the post benediction interactions and body closeness that usually follow all service dismissals which very little can be done to control”. He noted

Reported by: Vincent Paul

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