A chunk of the Nigerian people


A chunk of the Nigerian people are united enough to make Nigeria work. You see them in the movies. In the music scene. They understand the power of our togetherness. All their lives, they have preached togetherness but they have been failed by leaders who have only seen Nigeria as the cashcow and not the instrument of wholeness.
There are others who haven’t liked the idea of the togetherness of Nigeria. The idea alone irks and everyday, they wish to wake up in a divided place. Their reason isn’t anything tangible. They don’t just like the union. And they have taken to violence. They are carrying out executions behind us.
There are others who have genuine reasons for separation. They have studied and understood that maybe we can become a united independent states in a system and function with our regional governments. They have urged constitutional review but nothing has happened.
There are incessant killings of drivers, farmers, returnees, and a whole lot of innocent men and women who are only victims of these unsettled minds. We are edging towards something quite unpleasant. And the result may never be selective.
If you have a friend or brother who has refused to allow peace and is involved in killing people, either as a military personnel or as a group of individuals with certain names, beg them to stop. Beg them to stop, please.


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