Hon. Shina Peller smashes another birthday calendar


Hon. Peller added another year to his cap by celebrating his birthday.

Ayekooto news crew stormed on the ancient magical Peller’s son at His base getting some beautiful words from him through an interactive session.

Honourable Sir, do you feel today, your birthday?
I feel so exited celebrating one more year on the surface of the earth. Most importantly this season of Ramadan, connecting more with God during this period is a double blessing for me, considering this pathetic period the world is faced with the global common pandemic; I’m so happy to see people still celebrate me around the world. In all I give thanks to God.

What are the few things you would like to be grateful for?

Firstly my thanks goes to God, I could vividly remember the two years ago during my birthday, I made a prayer request to God to make my dream a reality by winning the election that would enable me to represent my people, and I’m celebrating today’s birthday as a member of the house of representatives which gives me an opportunity to serve humanity and to show the people how things should be done in Nigeria. I’m also thankful to God for been alive today putting into consideration the Covid virus which has caused a lot of global panic, spreading like wildfire claiming so many lives. Thankful to God been alive today celebrating with my family and also using this medium to pray for the dead, and that God will console the various affected families. I have a lot to be thankful for.

How do you describe your life before and after been appointed to represent your constituency?

Before my appointment, I was always a busy person, a busy merchant of “Acquila Group of Companies”, a group that that has interests in different businesses, e.g Oil and Gas, Building and Construction, Entertainment etc, but my innovative mindset has completely changed due to the service rendered to the people and been new to the system, I like to get a grip of everything I’m doing this requires a lot of sacrifices on my part. And one those sacrifice is not been able to travel anymore, me been an adventurous person, I doubt there was a time didn’t travel within the timeframe of three months, but since I became an honourable member, it’s been difficult stepping out of the shores of the country, why I feel there’s a lot to be done. And would rather travel at peace when there are least things to attend to. Come to a terim that lacks orientation is another major problem. Having to sensitize people.

Your greatest prayer in life would be?

To be honest with you, my greatest prayer are individual ones, i.e Long life and good health. I’m very sure with these two the sky is the starting point for me. Then the general one is, before I depart this world, I dream to see a Nigeria of my dream. Having a government in that has the right attitude and crave for developmental progress.

Breaded from the Peller’s lineage, what the connection with you and him?

Speaking about Prof. Peller, he was my dad and I’m a bonifide son of his, but his late now.(May his gentle soul rest in peace). I got everything I know of today from him. He taught us a lot, having the fear of God, be in good communion with fellow human, by showing love and be a source of joy, and most importantly placing ourselves in other people’s shoes. He taught us the importance of been United. He loves been a peaceful person. And I learnt from him the art of been a business merchant.

What are your greatest regrets, gains and aspirations?

I have no regrets, knowing that life is full of ups and downs. Life is lesson itself. I don’t dwell on the past, I also don’t dwell on the present. I strive to identify mistakes and proffer solutions, then move forward.

Your advice to young ones looking up to you as an inspiration?

My advice to them is that, they shouldn’t be deceitful and they should understand that passion and interest is vital to everything been done. For me, everything I have achieved perfectly are things I developed interest in. So for every person looking to me as an inspiration, they have to be fearless, that death is inevitable and everything been done, there should be a time for reflection asking if it has been done well. One of the quote that helps me is, “What is worth doing at all, is worth doing well”.

Where do you draw inspiration from ?

I’m inspired mostly by God. I believe nothing in life is impossible and because of the believe I have in God, I’m charged to get to my destination.

What is your advice to Nigerians during this pandemic?

My advice to Nigerians during this pandemic period is to comply with instructions dashed put by the health institutions. Washing of hands regularly, not exposing themselves unnecessary, and wearing of face mask, given that our health structure is in shambles. So just prevent yourself from been infected.

Reported by: Fatimah Oyesanmi & Vincent Paul

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